Funny Secondary School Moments

*To those of us who liked copying other people's assignment on Monday morning, remember that moment when you've barely finished and the class monitor is already leaving to submit?

*When the ITK boy/girl tries to showcase their stuff but teacher says "No, that's wrong. Sit down"

*How we hail chronic late comers/law breakers

*  We all know Maths teachers were wicked. As in, dem sabi flog wella. On a Monday morning he pops in unexpectedly and says "Bring out your assignment now"... Then you realised you forgot yours at home (Ghen ghen!) 

*That moment when y'all in class keep looking towards the staff office during free periods, watching out for any random teacher who might decide to come and spoil the moment.

*But then we all had that one sexy beautiful girl all the boys in class liked... So whenever she's passing by, all the boys be like...

 *After they've finished beating your life on the assembly ground in front of all the girls and juniors.. And you hear somebody say "Ehya... Sorry" 

* At thesame time, there was this particular girl nobody seems to like in class, mostly because she's considered to be too proud or showy... Whenever she's passing by, everybody be like...

*You're outside arguing with your friend jeje o and that ITK person tries to wade in. You now both gang up on him/her like

*When a new beautiful girl enters the class. Guys be like:


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