Mercy Aigbe's friend sheds more light on 'The Gentry issue'

Mercy Aigbe's friend has cleared the air after waiting patiently for weeks without saying anything. She actually became a victim while trying to settle the quarrel between the two.

She took to her social media page to give in full details all that went down, read below:

"It amazed me with the way people are saying all sort of things against my friend, a woman of pride. A woman i have so much respect for, who respects everybody and never  looks down on anyone, the one who can remove her eyes for anyone..hmmm oga ooo

Mercy i remembered when u were pregnant wt Juwon and you saw all dis coming, you cried but i was the one encouraging you. I remembered how many times i came in between you and your husbanf to stop him from beating you amd in the process i got beaten too.

What else can a woman take in the name of marriage? This past 3 weeks has been really traumatising, we have been up and running saving your life. It has been the longest weeks of my life..

Babe, i know this rubbish they are saying about you are nothing but lies because i have seen a lot with you, I have seen the way you work! I have seen the way u have been trying to save your marriage! I have seen the way you supported your home, i was there the day those prostitutes called you asking for the money uncle Lanre used your name to collect at a party in Abeokuta. I know how many times you fainted on account of exhaustion.

I know how many times  i took you to hospitals with briuses allover your body. Hmm, you didnt tell a single soul about this. You pretended to people that everything is all right. You carry yourself high and still praise this man so that people will think he is the best husband in the whole world.

I have been keeping mute over this because this is husband and wife matter and to protect your image and self respect. But wt the recent news in town, haaaaaaa, i can't keep quiet anymore oooo.
Mercy, i'm going to beg you pleaseeee.
Just try to be strong for those lovely kids of yours ore mi. I know God will vindicate u very soon and the time is NOW

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