"Don't kill mosquitoes, they are our friends" Professor Ande

A Professor of Entomology at the University of Ilorin, Adeolu Ande, has frowned at the way humans kill mosquitoes, saying the mosquitoes are friends to humans and they should be properly managed.

Professor Adeolu made the statement on Monday in Ilorin while presenting a paper titled ''Consider the ways of Ants and be Wise'' at a public seminar organised by the University of Ilorin, where he described insects as the most successful and influential group of organisms in the biosphere, and that humans have a lot to learn from insects for us to be wise.

He said “Human life is beset with inevitable The association between humans and insects is inevitable and that mosquitoes influenced human life both positively and negatively"

He also said people focus more on the negative influences of insects which include disease transmission, crop losses, food spoilage, economic losses while the positive influences of insects are not appreciated and downplayed. These positive influences include pollination of flowers, waste recycling and sustenance of the ecosystem.

Insects could also be a source of silk, source of shellac, source of cochineal, therapeutic agents and a host of others.

Professor Adeolu said that man do not fully understand the role of mosquitoes and frequently described them as causing the diseases they transmit, but in the actual sense, mosquitoes are equally sick and they unwillingly convey pathogens that are the real causal agents of these diseases.

“The female mosquito could be described as an example of a true mother who is forced to undertake suicide mission in its bid to provide for its unborn children and they have exceptional value in child raising hence the level of commitment and risk they take on the mission that entails decision between life and death adding that most human females will not take such decision in the face of such risks.

Ande also added that mosquitoes had proven over the years that they are our friends and they don't really care much if we like them or not, they would still keep on existing around humans and continue to source blood from humans.

Professor Adeolu Ande called for improvement in Zoology curriculum so that zoologists can better focus on organisms that feature prominently around man, so that they can learn to act as foster parents of animals in the Zoo and be familiar with their needs and their health status.

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