Lovely Pre-Wedding Photos of Chinny and Arthur

Marriage is now becoming very interesting these days. Meeting the right person to marry is no longer restricted to some stereotyped serious placesike church,  schools,  office e.t.c

Some people met their better half on Facebook and other social media.  Last year we heard about a couple who met on the popular Ponzi Scheme MMM.  Just as these people met in these 'wierd' places and are happily married, Chinny and Arthurs also met in a public transport popularly known as 'Danfo'.

The two lovebirds met in a Danfo and they both knew from that day, that their coming together didn't happen by accident, it was actually predestined to happen that way.

Chinny said:
"Just like yesterday, I remember what happened exactly on that day while I was coming back home after a long day at the office.  I got into a bus at Opebi. As I moved to sit down, I stepped on this cute tall guys foot. He looked up at me, smiled and said You have to pay for that. I smiled back and sat beside him the only available seat on the bus"

Arthur continued from there. He said:
"When we got to Ikeja, we both got off the bus and I walked up to her asking for my payment. We laughed and exchanged numbers, and that was the beginning of this coloured version of my life.Who knew public buses (aka danfo) were a special place to meet beautiful people? Who knew that I’d one day be grateful I didn’t drive and took a bus?"

'Que Sera Sera' is a very popular expression meaning 'what will be will be'. Love can happen anywhere.  Do not underestimate the power of love.

See their pre-wedding photos below:

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