Meet Jayde, the Nigerian Artist and Biochemist

In Nigeria, it has become a norm for all parents to send their children to school and ensure they get a BSc, MSc,  PhD e.t.c. This is mainly because they feel you become the most successful when you study hard in school.

Meanwhile, a lot of Nigerians have built a career for themselves even while studying, and end up not using their certificate at all.
Some many talented youths have explored their innate potentials in a bid to entertain Nigerians and the world at large.

One of such talented youths is Jayde Esther, a Music writer,  a singer, an entertainer and of course, a Biochemist.
In this exclusive interview with Jayde, she told AllOverNigeria24 more about herself,why she has got so much passion for music and the challenges she has faced while climbing the ladder of success in the music industry.

Introducing Jayde.

Hello Jayde, how are you?
I'm fine, thanks

People all know you as Jayde, but what is your real name?
My name is Orepekan Esther Olamide

What month and year were you born?
February 27th

How many siblings do u have?
I have 3 siblings

Pls can you tell us your educational history?
I attended Kiddies Home Montessori School at Ijebu ode, I finished my primary school there. After that, i came to Sagamu with my mum and did my secondary school there at Remo Secondary School. Currently in my final year studying Biochemistry at Olabisi Onabanjo University.

What brought about the idea of music to you?
Hmmmm, well, Music is life. It's my passion. For a very long time I have been singing and I enjoy it. But around 2012 ,I decided to make something out of it and make it real!

So, In that 2012,how did the whole thing start? What did u start with?
Well, actually a big Brother of mine discovered my talent and my voice and he believed in me. So I got featured in an artiste song, and that was how it all started.

What was the title of the song you featured in then?

2012 is a long time, what have you been doing as per the music?
Well back then,I wasn't really into it... because I was seeking admission then

So when did you release your first track?
I released it around 2013

How many tracks have you released so far?
I have released 3 tracks, Although i did a cover to Adekunle Gold's song then. But if it's mainly my singles, then this is the third one. But if it is plus the cover, then it's 4 tracks

So when did you release your second and third track?
I released the second one years after. I was studying because that is my primary goal.

Were you singing at all then at parties, dinner e.t.c?
As of then, No.

What is the title of your recent latest track and what inspired you to release the track?
'Meant To Be'.  What inspired me was my happiness due to my environment then.

Your happiness? Could you please tell us more?
I would appreciate it, if I don't dig in the more about it☺

Okay, so are your parents and siblings happy about it?
Sure my siblings are happy. Very very happy about it. As for my parents, they weren't at first, but as time went on, they had no choice, because they got to know and see it as my passion.

What has been the reaction of your friends about your musical career.
Well on the percentage rating, I will say 85% believe in me, while the rest 15% don't and they chastise me.

So finally, do you have anything you would like to say to the public?
Hummmn, well. Nothing spectacular really! But just  for them to keep believing in me, and supporting the good music by showing their endless love.

What's your final advice to upcoming youths?
Yeah, I want them to remember that the sky is just the starting point, Never give up because only the courageous make it to the top and never fall

Thanks so much for your time.
You are welcome

Click the picture below to download the latest track 'Meant To Be' by Jayde 

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