The Fairy Tale Wedding of Taiwo and Ademola(The Groom Who Planned His Wedding Himself)

It was indeed another glorious day for the Majekodunmi and Onakoya families when they hosted the wedding ceremony of their children Taiwo and Ademola. It was a union of an accountant and a medical doctor

The ceremony which held at Lagos was filled with much glamour, colour and culture. There was no dull moment as the event started with the Yoruba Wedding Traditional rites at St Kizito Catholic Church Hall, Ifako Ijaiye Lagos, on the 12th of May,2017.

On top of the arrangements  were the ever cheerful bride's mother Deaconess Olusola Majekodunmi and the groom's mother, Pharm Oluyemi Onakoya. They were at their efficient best, little wonder the whole ceremony turned out superlative.

The traditional wedding was elaborate and full of culture, colour and glamour, with the Bride's family wearing peach and blue, and the Groom's family wearing wine and gold.

It was naturally imperative for both families that the very best hands in the wedding planning be recruited to make the special day as magical as possible. It wasn't surprising to everyone then that they went all out and spared no cost in hiring some of Nigeria's best wedding vendors whom they charged with the task of making the event memorable.

Folaks Catering Services were contacted to provide an array of sumptuous meal at the event. 

And so when the D-day arrived, it was as though a royal banquet had been planned and laid out to celebrate the couple's union.

The Charming scenery illustrated the pleasurable moments in the offing. This colourful event was a fine display of cultural love, playing out like a well rehearsed play, which in line with Yoruba tradition, featured two coordinators who represented both families:
The Alaga Ijoko(the sitting MC) for the bride's family
The Alaga Iduro(the standing MC)  for the groom's family-- Wedlinks

The ambience in the hall was scintillating, the tables set for guests were decorated with flowers and glittering table clothes, while the couple's gazebo stood out. 
The traditional attire donned by the guests added glamour to the event.


The bride, Taiwo who looked radiant in her sparkling attire with enough smiles to match, complimented her heartrob, Ademola who was very dashing and exuded so much joy like true Prince Charming. From the body language shown by this pair, it was so obvious they were in love.

As is it the norm, the groom's family began proceedings when they came to pay homage and exchange pleasantries with the bride's family.
A session of prayers formally kicked off the ceremony and the traditional comperes took over. A letter of intent was presented to the Majekodunmi family by the Onakoyas and this gesture was reciprocated with an acceptance letter by the bride's family.

After reading the letter, and after the acceptance letter had been given to the groom's family, everyone was told to go and sit down.
It was after they were comfortably seated that the groom and his friends were invited. He too arrived in style with a large entourage.

As soon as he got to his in-laws, he put aside the fact that he just came in from the UK, and followed the Yoruba tradition of prostrating flat as a sign of respect. He was not alone. His friends too joined this great expression of respect which is held sacred in Yoruba culture. This was appreciated by all, especially his parents who nodded with pride. He was then showered with prayers.

He was showered with prayers, first by the Majekodunmi family and later by his parents and elders of his family. With the wide smile on his face, no doubt, Demola was enjoying every moment of the ceremony.

Accompanied by drummers, dancers, friends and family members, the resplendent bride breezed into the venue. Taking one step at a time gingerly, like a Princess, she danced majestically to the centre of the arena.

Each step of the way, she was showered with prayers and applause. In the Yoruba culture, Prayer is key at occasions like this. So Taiwo got this spiritual fortification aplenty from her parents and members of the Onakoya family. She was unveiled by the groom's mother, to confirm that it was their bride that was presented to them.

She flashed her trademark smile as soon as she was unveiled.

It was only after this session of prayers that she was allowed to identify and join her husband!

The bride was then given the groom's cap and was told to put it on the groom's head.

Taiwo's next task was to choose an item she cherished from the bunch that the Onakoya family had presented to her family.

To the delight of all, she went straight for the Bible.  It was with this Bible in hand that they both declared their love for each other.

After that, Demola slipped an engagement ring on her finger.

Showing his manly power, Demola carried his sweet bride to his parents and of course his parents welcomed her with open arms.

The couple later cut the cake made by Fimies Dessertsville and danced heartily.

It must be said that in terms of planning and execution, this was one classy occasion that will linger in the hearts of many for years.

A cross-section of guests, family and friends at the traditional event
Groom's cousins Kunle Soile and Damilola Soile-Ajayi

Dr Owolabi Lawal

Mrs Amosun and Mrs Oduneye 

Bride's father with Prof Wale Omole(holding mic), Chairman Editorial Board,Guardian newspapers and Engr. Ashaye

Groom's parents with Mrs Adekoya and Groom's grandmum, Mrs Adeyemi

Dr(Mrs) Yinka Ajayi(beside groom's mum),MD,Ajayi Medical Centre,  with Groom's parents and Mrs Bunmi Adekoya(beside Groom's dad),Assistant Director, Lagos state ministry of social development

Mrs Funmi Akanbi, the bride's aunt(middle), and the Adenekans

Engr and Mrs Dayo Oluyemi CEO Hancock Ogundiya and Associates

Mrs Adeyinka(Deputy Director, Ministry of Justice, Lagos) and Mrs Willoughby

Mrs Green and Groom's mum

Bishop Gbetogo Kuponu

Bride's father

 CEO Wedlinks Mrs Remi Soile

Bride's mother and Groom's father

Engr. Oluyemi and Mrs Soile

Groom's mum,dad and kid sister

Mr and Mrs Adekoya

Mr and Mrs Oke

Mr Oke's sister, Sade

Funmi Onakoya

Mr Adenaike (white)

Mrs Bunmi Adekoya, Dr(Mrs) Tolu Obuotor and Mrs Dami Ajayi

Engr. Tola Onakoya

Groom and Siblings

Bride's mum

Associate Prof. Obuotor

Mrs Adeboye(Bride's aunt) and Kemi Majekodunmi(Bride's sister)

Groom's mum and Prof Ashaye

Prof.Wale Omole

Mr and Mrs Yomi Adewusi

Mr and Mrs Dele Onakoya, Mrs Aina

Mr and Mrs Oke

Groom's Grandmum Mrs Adeyemi

Bride's parents and family members

Elhopro makeovers, Official Muà for Groom's mum and sister

Funmi Onakoya and Mrs Bisi Efunkoya

Mrs Bummi Adeyemi, Chairman Activlife infusion clinic, and her daughter

Venerable Dade Sadare, Chapel of Transfiguration, LUTH

Betty and Kehinde Akinlolu

Couple with Bride's parents

Couple with Groom's Grandma

Bride and friends

Couple with Groom's parents

L-R Dr Olumide Ademosu, Dr Temitope Dipeolu and Dr Seye Benedict

Interview with the Groom, Demola Onakoya

Hello Dr Demola, please could you please spare some of your time with us?
Yes, why not
Ok, thanks. Please can you tell us how and when you met Folake?
ok...hmmm we actually met at a mutual family friend party in 2013.
Please can you tell us more?
laughs okay. I was helping my aunt out and she came in with her uncle. So all the boys were raving about a chic in the building and I went out to see who the person was. I acknowledged she was fine and then boys were trying to hit on her and I told them 'Let me show you how it's done'. So I walked up to her, offered her drinks and food, she declined. I went again and offered her water, she still declined. So that sparked up a conversation, because I was asking if she was fighting with us. She said NO but that she was just okay. So I then insisted on her having at least a drink and I got her a Fanta. Then my aunt asked her to join and help with the party. So she came around to where we were and I offered her a seat to join me in my corner, and then we got talking. I honestly didn't talk to her because I wanted to date her. I just wanted to prove a point to the boys that I was their boss. I got her number before she left in the most polite way of requesting, and then we got talking, and gradually, I guessed feelings sparked and here we are today.
Hmmm, long story indeed. So what did you see in her that made you love her?
I guess her patience, understanding of my job requirements, easy calm nature and realness. Then I guess the beauty came much after, because I wasn't focused on that.
So when did you propose to her?
I proposed to her on October the 14th, 2016 and we did the official Intro March 2017
And how did her family react when they saw you for the first time?
They were really nice...It was her convocation they met me in person. I had spoken to her mum on the phone before then. She was so happy to see me
Okay. Thanks so much sir. Please could you please give us the privilege of talking to Taiwo. 
Oh yes, you are free.
Okay. Thanks
The pleasure is mine.

Interview with the bride, Taiwo 

Hello. Good morning. We know you are quite busy and a little bit nervous right now. We would like to ask you a few questions.
smiles. Okay please go ahead
Okay, How did you feel when Demola proposed to you?
I was actually so excited and elated. It was a surprise because I didn't see it coming
What made you say YES to Demola's proposal?
I like the fact that he is determined and  focused.  I decided to marry my Ademola because he is my all in all,after God 😉 Well my parent met him at my convocation and he got introduced, and they felt we have  another son in the family. Well I was surprised as I have always been surprised by my Ademola and it was so wow as that date was the date we met and the venue was the house we met ,so everything was beautiful .Glad he proposed that day in the very house we met, makes it a memorable day.
So how do you feel now? 
Very happy, and I thank God for bringing us this far. 
Thanks very much
Your welcome

The Chapel of Christ the Light, Lagos, will be remembered as the grand setting for The English-themed wedding of the incurable lovers as they gleefully said 'I do' and exchanged rings before a delightful crowd of family and friends on the second day of the ceremonies May 13th, 2017.

While the dashing groom arrived in a Hummer stretch Limousine,accompanied by the best man, Femi Onakoya, the bride who was stunning and resplendent stepped out of a Hummer H2. They were in high spirits and ready for the momentous occasion.

They were joined together by Venerable Ebenezer Green while Venerable Taiwo preached to them on the need to love and cherish each other till death, teaching Demola the role of patience in marital life. They further went on to bless the union of the two. 

Though it was when the couple said 'I do' that was the highpoint of the church ceremony, it must be said that the entire service was indeed lively and spirit lifting. The service was beneficial to people who are still aspiring to get married, those who are getting married soon,  and even those who have been married for years. 

Later the families and their guests headed to Anchor Event Centre, Alausa, Ikeja, the venue of the lavish reception.

Once again, the venue was well decorated by Ladysan Decors and all the wedding vendors were exceptional. The ambience was welcoming and everywhere was emblazoned with purple, lilac and yellow. The upscale chandeliers were at full blast and the couple's gazebo this time around sparkled even more brilliantly.

The reception was a statement in class, style and colour. It was an occasion when love was celebrated with fanfare and in the most regal manner.

What made the whole nuptial top-rate was the fact that both families are well connected and the guest list extremely intimidating.

The couple danced into the hall to a selection of afro pop mix by DJ lala with pyrotechnics(fireworks) display and later also enjoyed the performance of Capital Femi and Abisola noni during the course of the ceremony.

They cut the cake made by The Cake Place, fed each other and shared an intimate dance session that evoked a sense of admiration and love from all corners of the hall.

The first dance took a unique turn as they danced to two beautiful love songs, John Legend's 'You and I' which was such a sweet tune, got people misty eyed and then had a performance by the R&B crooner, Capital Femi who performed his hit song TUMBO to the surprise of the bride, the pre-request of the groom and the delight of the crowd.

The Master of Ceremonies were Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st, Comedian Omobaba and Comedian Deeone. They were at their professional best and really added zest to the occasion.

As we noted earlier, the occasion was attended by notable personalities and guests were well pampered with meals by Folaks Catering Services and Icey Drinks and Cocktails

Demola enjoyed a lovely moment with his mother, soon after his wife and her dad had shown their dance moves.

Vote of thanks was given by Barr. Femi Onakoya, the Groom's brother and the Best man.

A Cross-section of guests at the event.

Mr Adebayo and Mrs Yesufu

Barrister Rinsola Jaiyeola, Tofunmi Jaiyeola and Anu Adekoya
Mr and Mrs Dapo Lawuyi 

Dr and Dr(Mrs) Deolu Onakoya

Mrs Yesufu and Groom's mum

L-R Dr Olamide Ajayi, CEO House of Vesy, Bukonla Adeniyi and Bukola Mautin

Enitan Omobuwajo

Mr&Mrs Samugana and Ola

Gbenga Adeyinka jnr & CEO Startpreneurship, Mr Leke Adeosun

Nkechi Uzoma & Linda Orajakwe

Mr&Mrs Ola Moji Ehuwa

Linda Orajakwe

Abidemi Kadri

Dr Olumide Ademosu and Bukola Mautin

The Awesome Band

Mr and Mrs Bayo Ibirogba

Funmi Onakoya and Dotun

Mrs Osunbayo, Mr Brown and Groom's mum

Elhopro makeovers

Mrs Soile

Mrs Funke Abiona, Mrs Soile, Mrs Jaiyeola

Associate Prof and Dr(Mrs) Obuotor

Mr Brown and Groom's mum

L-R Gbenga Adeyinka, Mr Lateef Rufai, Mrs Sumbo Osunbayo, Groom's parents
Groom's Grandma dancing
The Groom also entertained the bride and the guests in a choreographed dance routine with Bobby Francis and Teddy who are professional dancers in Lagos.

Later, there was an after party where DJ lala jammed for hours and everyone present had a good time

Dr Bimbo Phillips and bride with little bride's maid

Couple with Funmi

L-R Barrister Yemi Adams,Ceo Strictstreetclothings, ladysan decors Mrs Sewa  Tugbogbo-Amisu, Ladysan decors and Dr Phillips 

Dr Tope Dipeolu digging it

Dr Olamide Ajayi showing her dancing skills

Couple dancing with Groom's father

Groom's mother spraying the bride

Bride's father dancing

L-R Sola Adams, Dr Benedict, Laide Sunmonu, Barr Yemi Adams

The couple with bride's cousins


Couple with The Awesome Band

Groom's parents with Bride's father

Barr. Fimisade Osiyemi, MD/CEO fimies_desertsville and Husband Dr Osiyemi with the couple

Groom's mum with Dr and Mrs Gbadebo

Dolapo of doafotography and Adun

More of Olamide Ajayi's moves

Bukola Mautin and Seye Ben

Funmi Onakoya

Barr Femi Onakoya and Dad, Barr Dayo Onakoya grooving at the masked-themed afterparty

Couple with LUTH Doctors

If you would like to see more pictures, click the Photo Gallery below 

Photo Credits:
Motif Photography (+2348069126148)
Klala Photography

datunion2017 vendors

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