4 food looked down upon that are surprisingly good for you

Coconut milk

There has been a lot of discussion about the fat content in coconut milk raising cholesterol, and that's because people don't know the difference between the types of fats. Coconut contains medium chain fatty acids and eating food which contain these triglycerides, in the appropriate amount can lead to greater weight loss and fat loss than even using olive oil. But anyway,  you should be mindful of some tins though as some may contain BPAs which are of some health concern, more importantly as they like to leach into fatty contents like coconut milk.


In a recent study, dark chocolate was found to be useful in the cardiovascular system as it reduces the risk of heart disease and blood pressure. We sincerely apologize to milk and white chocolate fans,  but that's just the truth. Dark chocolates contain flavonoids which are the same compounds in green tea and red wines. Consuming enough dark chocolate to reach 100 mg of flavonoids helps your blood vessels to relax which in turn improves blood flow to the heart and cardiovascular system. Yes,  it's appropriate to note that all chocolates either dark or white are rich in fats but they are mainly stearic and oleic acids, the kinds that help reduce LDL cholesterol. Remember also that the LDL cholesterol are the bad cholesterol(as against the HDL which is good), and so these fatty acids help to remove them from the system.

Many times people say beer is bad because of the high calories it delivers and most importantly the fact that it gives pot belly which wives especially do not like as its disfiguring and unhealthy.  But it's worthy of note that beer's bad reputation is as a result of the bad company it keeps e.g fried foods and salty snacks. These can be the real cause of the weight gain we associate with the beverage. An Italian study found that regular moderate consumption of beer shares almost the same cardiovascular benefits as wine consumption. As with any alcohol, moderation is the key, but it sounds like the old slogan was right and a nice pint may just be “good for you.” So beer is beneficial to your health. But ensure you drink wisely anyway.

Beef Jerky

Yes,  beef jerky is another kind of  snack that is seen as high in fats, sodium and overly processed, but when it’s done right it can be a valuable high energy source, high in protein and a satiating snack. We know of course and without a doubt,  that some packaged jerky brands are high in sodium, nitrates and might contain some chemicals but there are many natural alternatives out there, simple to find as reading and comparing labels.


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