Extreme Hausa Wedding featuring Amina Suleiman & Nasir Abubakar

"The wedding was indeed full of colours, love and glamour. The wedding was rich in style and engrossed with the Hausa Culture''

We are actually referring to the weddding ceremony of Amina Suleiman a make-up artist at Mimi’s Makeovers and Nasir Abubakar. The wedding took  place in two places, Jos, Plateau State and Abuja. The wedding was held in the presence of family and friends in the grandest style, and all the wedding vendors hired for the event were very exceptional. The whole event completely turned out to be a nice experience.

Amina rocked some of the sweeetest attires for her wedding, and she looked extremely catching that day, wearing a make-up she did herself. She really looked 'Take Home To Mama'.

The whole event started at Amina's hometown, Jos and ended in Abuja.

You can share in the couple's love by reading their love story below. Pictures are also included, so sit back, relax and follow as Amina takes us through their love story in this explicit interview.

An Interview with the Bride,Amina
Hello Amina, we are happy to share in your love.
Yeah, it's a pleasure.
Please could you please tell us how you and Nasiru met?
Yes. I will tell you how it all happened. smiles. I was going to the bank with my friend but her car had some issues, therefore we couldn't go out with it,  so we had no option than to get a cab. While we were at the roadside, one of her friends was driving by with his friend, They saw her and had to stop to give us a ride.
Initially I didn't want to go with them but my friend, noticing my mood insisted I enter. So I had no option than to join her in the car . When we were inside the car, I noticed the driver was constantly looking at me through the rear mirror. He was wearing a white kaftan. I wasn't really comfortable with this constant gaze tho. He tried talking to me but I wasn't ready to be engaged in any conversation whatsoever, so I almost didn't say anything. Well, we eventually got to where we were going and we got down. He asked for my number so he could be saying hello sometimes and really I couldnt just explain why I just gave him. At that time, I just broke up with my ex,  so I wasnt ready to date anybody at that time, so I always didn't accept his proposal anytime he asked me out on a date. Well he was still persistent, so eventually I obliged. After that, everything became rosy as he made falling in love with him extremely easy.

So how did he propose to you?
Nas already made his intentions known to me about three months after we started dating. He told me he wanted to make me his wife, no long story. But I wasn’t ready to be a wife at that time, because at that time we met, I was still a fresher at the University, so in effect he was asking me to marry him when I was a actually a Jambite. I declined, because I didnt want to get married while I was still in school. I already promised to finish my studies before getting married. 3 months after my graduation, he asked me again if I was ready for marriage and I declined again because I wanted to complete my NYSC and masters degree before ever thinking of getting married.
After my NYSC. I really didn't have much excuse then anymore. So he took me out to a dinner at a restaurant that night. It was my favourite restaurant, so as usual I placed an order for my appetizer and my main dish. But I noticed that the lights were unusually dim and the waiters were unsually extra friendly, but I didnt really get the idea. The appetizer was served and I was still half way through it when he held my hand and began to talk about the years we have been together and how blessed he has been to have me in his life. I was thinking he was only being his normal romantic self because he has always been very romantic since I knew him.

''Not quite long, the main dish was served. When I opened it, I almost fainted. I was so surprised to find inside the plate, a box that contained the cutest ring I had ever seen in my life. It was perfect, just perfect for me. He got on his knee and gave me the sweetest speech ever and while I couldn't hold back from shedding tears, I still managed to say a resounding YES when he asked me if I would marry him. He surprised me so much that day because I didn't expect a ring. In Islam, it’s not compulsory for a man to propose with a ring. But he told me he did that for 2 reasons. The first one being that he wanted me to have a permanent reminder on my finger of how much he loved me and secondly to tell every other man that I belonged to him, so they could as well back off'''

Amina continued:
"There were actually 3 events at the wedding ceremony, The Kamu or Cultural night, which was held at the Renny Ballons Hall and Garden, Jos, Plateau State and the colours chosen for this event were aquamarine and purple. The Wedding Fatiha was held at No 30, Niven Road, Ibrahim Taiwo Rd, Jos. The colour chosen at this event was pink. Then the dinner which was held at Sandralia Hotel, Jabi, Abuja featured white and gold"

Please could you take us through the whole event and the cloth donned by your husband and you?

"The first outfit I wore for my Kamu, otherwise known as Cultural night was Aqua and Beige aso oke. This was the first part of the ceremony and I really wanted to look cultural. Although this is more common among Yoruba brides, but I chose it because I loved how rich the fabrics looked"

The Aqua Dress

"This was my second dress for the kamu. At this time, the cultural part of the event started. I wanted a monotone look for the whole event, that was actually why I chose this colour. It's actually one of my favorite colours anyway"

Pink Iro and Buba for the wedding Fatiha

"Pink is a feminine color and I love it so much. It's one of my favourites and  I couldn’t just think of a more befitting colour to wear as I changed from a young lady to a woman"

White for conveying the bride

"In the Northern Culture, Conveyance of the bride is really a key event. It's more common with the Hausas, kanuris and the fulanis. Conveyance is actually an event after the wedding Fatiha,  when the bride officially leaves her father's house for her new home. At this event, she gets prayers from her parents and those of her husband. They also advice her on how to live a happy married life with her husband. She also gets prayers from her aunties and also gets advice from them"

"After this, she is then escorted to her new home by her Aunts and friends. On my own part I was escorted from Jos to Abuja where my new home is. After this, the post wedding dinner would start"

"I chose to wear white as I was escorted from my parent's house to my husband’s house. I chose white because white represents purity and that was the whole idea of a new bride presented to her husband. The colour represented how I felt"

Gold for dinner
"Gold is my husband’s favorite colour and so it was really befitting to wear it the first time we stood before the world as husband and wife"

Dinner Dress – "The moment I set my eyes on the dinner dress, I already knew that was what I wanted. The fabric communicated with me. It was a hand beaded fabric heavily embellished with pearls and swarovski stones and was actually a fabric for a bride like me. I was so happy that I couldn’t wait to see how it would look on me. So I just picked out the right style I wanted and looked for the best seamstress
The fabric was got from Mimi’s Bridal Fabrics @mimis_bridalfabrics  and the dress was tailored by Bouderie Apparel @bouderie_apparel"

Wedding Vendors:
Cultural Attire :@vogueasooke


Bashir Concepts
Renny Balloons.

Dinner @shekkelsbridalsnevents

Makeup: @mimi_makeovers

Cake: Chalya

Catering :
Sandralia Hotel Restaurant

Source- Nigerian Weddings



  1. Wow, I love this wedding, the colours are very exceptional.

  2. This isn't just Hausa wedding. It's International. Kudos 2 allovernigeria for bringing us this. Now i knw how hausa wedding looks like

  3. So lovely, nice attire btw


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