Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cakes

When it comes to uniqueness and creativity in Nigerian Weddings, our traditional wedding cakes are way ahead of the game. For Cake Makers,  baking a cake for a traditional wedding which is most commonly known as 'engagement' is a time to show off creativity and talents.

We know for a certainty that everyone would always look forward to seeing them at these events. In the past, it used to be just common fruit baskets which was quite basic, but now, due to the work of art, traditional cakes are becoming more and more sophisticated, and of course, more interesting.

Traditional wedding cakes are usually a showcase of the bride and bridegroom’s culture. So if they are Yoruba,  the cakes usually would showcase Yoruba culture, Yoruba type of clothing and other aspects of Yoruba culture like the Traditional talking drums and the likes. If it's Igbo wedding, the cakes would be baked as appropriate.

Nigerian cake makers are really exceptional as they dish out one cute traditional cake after another. And so you would wonder if they are actually caterers, artists or even sculptors.

Some of these cakes are in different shapes. Some are in the form of folded traditional clothes, traditional shoes, beads, hats, caps etc. and sometimes they appear so real that you wouldn't be able to resist touching them, and if they are are in the form of folded clothes,  you would want to unfold them and wear them on your body.

Below are some cute beautiful traditional cakes that AllOverNigeria has compiled from different innovative bakers in Nigeria for your pleasure,  so that when it's time for your traditional wedding, you won't just settle for any run-off-the-mill couple on a cake or hand bag or brief case cakes made by off-road caterers.

Think of a masterpiece that would make your guests envious of you,  but not only that, think of a masterpiece that would have your kids wishing they were present at your wedding when they see the wedding pictures even many many years later.

Scroll down to see more traditional wedding cakes inspired by works of art,and more importantly,  get inspired by them.

These cakes are saying to you: "You deserve good things in life." Believe it!!!


(c) 2017


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