Funny: Nigerians Cry as MMM crashes

Do they actually need to cry??

The MMM Ponzi scheme in Nigeria has again frozen all Mavros with a promise to restart.

The notice contained in a statement by the MMM Administration and titled ‘restart’ blamed the federal government and mass media for its decision.

It said: “We have not been able to overcome the consequences of the crisis triggered by the authorities and mass media actions at the beginning of this year.

“Despite all our efforts, the problems have been accumulating and as a result, we have to announce a restart.”

Hoping the Mavros will understand, the statement explained that all old Mavros acquired before the announcement was posted are frozen, adding that they will be brought back gradually as the system develops.

“All transactions with new Mavros (acquired after this announcement is posted) will be carried out on the usual terms with no restrictions,” MMM stated.

The ponzi scheme also noted that some amendments have been made to the rules, one of which requires Mavros to start growing at the moment the request is confirmed and not at the moment it is created, as it was previously.

Pacifying the Mavros, MMM said a restart is not the end of the world but just a restart of the system and nothing more.

“Continue to provide help and you’ll get it all back (even if you’ve lost something now),” the statement added.
Participants have expressed mixed feeling over the development as they have taken to the three different MMM facebook groups with over 7, 000 members to express disappointments and understanding.


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