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Let's stop Jungle Justice - Esther Gold On a very hot afternoon, the sun was almost roasting my skin out of my body. It was 2pm, I was going to my house from the market. I waited patiently for bus to take me home, while I was waiting, i saw a young man between the age of 30-35years, properly dressed in white shirt stocked into his black plain trouser with a brown belt and brown shoe to complete his systematic arrangement, and i guess he was also waiting for bus, a lot of people were at that spot too. Soon enough, a long motorbus arrived and people starting moving into the motorbus, but then I was walking gently to the bus, admiring the color combination of this young man’s dressing also considering how dusty, dirty and scattered the environment was, with hoodlum (agboro) hanging here and there waiting for buses to come so they will load the bus and collect their normal 50naira. Then all of a sudden, a lady shouted, olé olé, thief, thief, catch am, he steal my money, see am,