as told by Femi Senjobi

I’m excited that we’re starting a family together, you and I forever. My dream is coming true right before my eyes. I still cannot fully grasp how happy I am. All I know is that my happy tank is full.

I’m happy to spend the rest of my life with you. My happiest moments were the times we spent together. The words you spoke have made an amazing impact on my life. Your prayers are the fuel in my rocket. I cannot yet imagine waking up to this wonder every single day for the rest of my life.

As you probably already know, you are my first, whether fake or real. You are my one and only if we include every person on the queue too. I do not know anyone else, so I’ve decided to make this work. I do not have anyone else, there is nowhere else for me to run. So whenever, I act like I got a choice, swing that waist and remind me that I’m only joking.

I am by no means a master. I honestly do not think I have read enough books or listened to enough people to have a smooth sail and problem free home. In fact, one common thing about the few books I’ve seen is that we are bound to have some troubles. But the past few years have taught me we are stronger together. If we can sail through the mess the Network Providers put us through during NYSC, we can see through anything.

I’m getting ready to give you back all your naughtiness full force. I’m ready to love you all the way, non-stop. Love you to the moon and back. Tickle you till you fall on your back. Finally, play that ludo game with you and whisper sweet things in your ears.

I’m glad I don’t have to watch out to plant a kiss on your lips anymore. As Solomon commanded, I will plant in the morning and in the evening. I do not know the one that will bloom and give me that harvest. I’m glad I don’t have to prepare to leave as it gets dark. The darker the night, the surer I am that I have you right with me for even longer.

I’m excited to add colour, tones and shades to the amazing outlines and sketches from your God-given dreams. I’m excited to add rhythm to those prophetic words of yours. I’m here to articulate and accentuate your amazing gifts and graces. I’m here to frame those eternal visions for the world to see, read and run. I’m here to blow your sparks into flames and shield that smoke until it becomes a fire. I’m here with you, with my hands over yours on the bow; to pull the arrow back harder, so it can travel further and faster, landing a deadlier blow on the adversary.

Three weeks down, forever to go…


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