UBTH mourns as Dr Egigba passes on

On Thursday night, November 1, 2018, UBTH was thrown into mourning when they suddenly lost one of their medical doctors, a senior registrar in the Department of Surgery, Dr Egigba, right at the Accident & Emergency unit of the hospital late in the night.

It was said that he had been doing a surgery in the operating room moments before then and only came to the A&E unit to review a patient before he slumped right there.

The hospital's full squad converged at the scene within seconds. The consultants across every relevant specialty, especially Anaesthesia, were deployed. A full battery of rescucitation equipment and monitoring apparatus was used; the rescucitation efforts continued for far longer than even the textbooks say.

In the end, every attempt failed. He passed away at the same hospital where he worked.

Casey Amaefule recounted:
All of us are terribly touched. Here was a man who knew all of us by our names, down to even the newest set of clinical medical students. He made teaching fun. Eager to teach, slow to condemn, and ever ready to encourage you. 
You know those moments after clerking and presenting a case and the consultants or the senior registrars destroy and ridicule your effort like it was thrash, Dr Egigba would come to you, put a hand on your shoulder, and say, "Caséy, don't worry. You'll get better at it with time. We all went through this phase of learning. Just keep practicing."
He was a calm and wonderful teacher to us and everyone that met him. 
Our hearts go out to his young wife and family.
Actually, people don't understand the stress of being a doctor in Nigeria. We are humans too. We, just like anyone else, can collapse and die. And regardless of the stress, we barely have time to take care of our own health. So overworked but so underpaid. 


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